DIY-ing your website might seem tempting, but it often leads to triple the time and double the frustration, without delivering the results you need.

Let's save your valuable time and transform your online presence with our Showit website designed to attract and convert more high -end clients.

You haven’t updated your website in the last two years and you are ready to give your business the rebrand that it deserves.

You feel uncomfortable every time a client ask for your website.

If that's you,  then you're in the right place.

Invest in a powerful brand + strategic website that boosts your Google visibility, resonates with your ideal clients, and drives bookings. And I'm here to make it happen.

You don't have to tackle everything alone to achieve your goals.

Say goodbye to website cringes and hello to a confident online presence that showcases your abilities. With our help, you'll attract clients effortlessly and confidently charge what you're worth, leaving price-shopping worries behind.

Your website success is within reach.

Standard SEO to improve search rankings and increasing visibility.

A website to give you an edge over others in your niche that doesn't have one.

A strong brand that will feel like you and differentiate you from the crowd.

A website that is design strategically to help you increase traffic and conversions.

Two 1-1 Strategy Session Call to discuss Brand and Website needs.

An experience to help you convert lookers into clients

what you'll get:

With our Custom Design Experience you'll get a Branding and Website crafted to maximize your business potential, driving increased profitability and giving you more freedom to do what you love.

why choose our custom experience

Our Custom Website Design Experience


 Brand Strategy

Before diving into your website design, we'll provide you with a detailed Brand Questionnaire. This allows us to deeply understand your market, your business and target audience, enabling us to create a strategic brand that resonates with your ideal clients and boosts your visibility in Google searches.


Brand Design

With a deep understanding of your goals, business, and market, we'll craft a stunning and results-driven brand design that captivates your ideal clients, differentiates you from competitors, and maximizes your revenue. Our collaborative process ensures your input and feedback shape the perfect logos, colors, patterns, and fonts that resonate with you and your target audience.

Now your design is finished, let's celebrate! You will also receive 14 days of email support for any additional inquiries about the work we did (design changes excluded).


Custom Design

This is where we start creating! After finalizing your brand design, we dive into creating your personalized Showit website. Our custom design is strategically crafted to entice your ideal clients, compelling them to book your services instantly.


 Launch Day  & Post Support

After we have checked all of your links are working properly your design is finished. Let's celebrate!
We offer 14 days of dedicated email support for all your post-launch questions (excluding design changes). 

Strategically crafted for success. We cover everything from brand messaging to launch strategy, ensuring all the essential elements are in place for your thriving online business.

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire
  • Brand Value & Mission
  • Brand direction Presentation
  • brand Proposal

  • Brand Board
  • Color Palette Seletion
  • Brand Fonts Selection(Licenses Sold Seperately
  • LOGO Suite: Main, Secondary logo, Submark, Favicon

  • Website Questionnaire
  • Up Custom Showit Design (5 Pages)
  • Mobile-First Design
  • standard seo
  • Bonus: IG landing page




Secure your spot today as we tend to book in advance. Don't miss out on the opportunity and regret not taking action sooner.

To ensure we're a good match and to streamline the process, we kindly ask you to complete our application. If you meet the criteria for our Custom Experience, we'll arrange a discovery call where you can ask any questions you may have. If it's a perfect fit, you'll receive agreement and invoice to move forward.

Apply Now!

Custom Brand and Website Design

Transform your business with our custom experience, from designing your brand messaging to your launch strategy. We offer a seamless experience, guiding you to establish the fundamental elements necessary for a  thriving and successful business.


One Brand strategy call 

Brand Questionnaire

Brand Strategy

In-depth Market and Competitor Research & Unique Positioning

Brand Mood-board

Brand fonts recommendation (licenses sold separately)

Custom Color Palette

Logo Suite: Main, Secondary, and Sub-mark Logo/Favicon + 2 revisions

Brand Board

One Website strategy call 

Website Questionnaire

8 Pages Custom Showit or Squarespace Website: Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Podcast/Blog, Contact, Sales Page, Products/Shop + more

Custom User Interface and User Experience design

Mobile Optimized Design 

3 rounds of revision

Social media integration

Email marketing integration

Website launch meeting

4-6 weeks timeline

*Pricing may vary based on number of pages & requirements*






**Font licenses are NOT included.

Training video on how to update and customize your website.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance for 6 months.

One-month FREE Showit membership ONLY FOR NEW Showit memberships.


SEO optimized content creation

Advanced On-Page SEO (title tags, meta descriptions, text tags, internal links, Geotag images, etc.) 

Link in Bio and Coming Soon pages

Yes, a Custom Design may come at a higher cost compared to the DIY route, but rest assured that with us:

Your website will finally be completed and optimized for success.
You'll receive a tailored launch strategy that delivers tangible results.
You'll reclaim valuable time to focus on your passion.
Access to effective tools that consistently drive positive outcomes.

Instead of endlessly scrolling through Pinterest for the "perfect" Showit template, getting lost in hours of YouTube tutorials to unlock SEO secrets, and bookmarking countless inspirational Instagram posts, you can bypass the headache, save hundreds of hours, and achieve superior results by working with a website designer, like us, that can truly understand your needs.

- Lilliam Ayala | Lilly Bridal Artistry

As someone who's always made her own website without knowing what is needed to attract luxury clients they did absolutely amazing. I still cannot believe that is my website! I've received nothing but compliments on it. We had one goal and it was to attract luxury clients and I truly believe they delivered. If you are hesitating, this is your sign to DO IT! ✨
I will continue to recommend them for any other wedding industry vendor or business out there.

"Miranda did an EXCEPTIONAL job."


- Ann Stansbeary | Myrtle Creative Co.

As I like my design but needed some help to optimize it. She has been so patient with me and helpful! I am wanting to appeal to the luxury market and working with Katy as I continue updating my branding, SEO and all the things has been so helpful! I will definitely be working with her in the future as well! Highly recommend!

"I had the opportunity to work with Katy Miranda to better my branding message and website functionality."

could not be more pleased

- Najwa Mata / Wanna Go Trips

When I started to work with Katy, I knew right away that she knew her work and I trusted in her expertise because the way she explained the problems I was having, she did it in a way that I was able to understand it and she knew the solution for every issue. She is knowledgeable about her work and her work ethic is impeccable."

"I  highly recommend Katy to anyone she is highly qualified and trustworthy.

highly recommended

- Maybelline Valenti | Naturalmente Mama

I highly recommend Miranda Ruiz Studio to anyone looking for a top-notch website. Her professionalism, and attention to detail make her stand out from the rest. She truly goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. 

"What sets Miranda Ruiz Studio apart is
her candid approach."

Exceptional results

- Cassidy Poe | copywritter

On ways that I can make my website more user friendly and engaging. Having her expertise gave me peace of mind to know I could make significant progress with my website by making a few strategic changes.

"Katy did a great job with my website audit! She gave me some great ideas..."

peace of mind


We don't rely on superficial aesthetics; we harness color psychology to curate a purposeful palette that speaks directly to your target audience.

Before diving into design, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business, processes, and competition, ensuring a strategic approach from the outset.

Through our 4-phase process, we transform your brand into a magnetic force that attracts and engages clients. Every aspect of your branding is meticulously fine-tuned, resulting in a seamlessly cohesive and highly effective online presence.

where Strategy Drives Success.


Our Custom Experience is tailor-made for you if...

does this sound like you?

You want to say goodbye to the constant struggle of being price-compared and attract clients who value your worth.


You want to elevate your business by booking higher-end clients and confidently increasing your prices.


You want to watch your website finally align with your exceptional abilities and witness it grow alongside your business.


You need help in effectively showcasing the full extent of your skills and services.


You want to say goodbye to generic branding and let your true personality shine through in every aspect of your website.


You want to build a powerful brand identity that not only resonates with your audience but also reflects a clear and cohesive purpose.


Yes, investing in the Custom Experience may come with a higher price tag, but it guarantees a complete and professionally crafted website that generates results. Say goodbye to wasted time and enjoy a custom launch strategy tailored to your business, freeing up countless hours to focus on your passions.

In fact, we understand the financial aspect, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. At the end, it's a decision you must make. Are the benefits worth it?

"The custom experience it too expensive for me"

A website that simply "works" is not enough. A strategic website has the power to convert new visitors into engaged customers, guiding them towards desired actions like contacting you, scheduling a call, or accessing valuable resources.

Our approach is dedicated to inspiring those crucial next steps, ensuring your website actively contributes to achieving your goals. Don't settle for a website that merely exists; aim for one that propels your business forward.

"Nah! It's ok, I have a website that works"

What’s keeping you from taking action?





To ensure that we can get the most out of our experience together, the following materials must be provided prior starting, such as: Showit Subscription, Purchase a domain, copywrite for all the pages, testimonials, freebies (if apply), images, videos, any external link to be use on the website, legal pages such as Terms and Conditions, and Policy Page (If you don't already have these, I will recommend you purchasing templates and completing them during the design process).

How much my custom design is going to cost me?

We completely understand that custom brand and web design is a big investment. We typically recommend custom design for businesses that have been established for at least two years and have a clear understanding of their target audience and offerings.

Our custom brand and web design service costs vary based on the scope and complexity of the project and start at $2,497.
We offer personalized quotes to suit your specific needs and payment plans.
Typically, a custom website design can take between 8-10 weeks, including testing and revisions, but the timeline varies depending on project complexity. 

*Please Note: The $300 deposit is non-refundable and it is required to save your spot in our schedule, then we'll split the payment in equally parts.

what do i need before i book a project

Our custom brand and web design service costs vary based on the scope and complexity of the project and start at $2,500.
We offer personalized quotes to suit your specific needs and payment plans.
Typically, a custom website design can take between 8-10 weeks, including testing and revisions, but the timeline varies depending on project complexity. 

What's not included in the prices?

In the prices provided, we do not include ongoing maintenance and updates after the completion of the project. Additional services such as hosting fees, domain registration, and third-party plugin subscriptions are also not included in the prices. Any additional revisions beyond the agreed-upon scope may require an additional fee.

When can we get started?

First , fill our our inquiry form here and we will get back to you in 48 hours, if you are a good fit we'll send a link to schedule a consultation call.
To ensure we're a good fit and to streamline the process, we kindly ask you to complete our application here. If you meet the criteria for our Custom Experience, we'll arrange a discovery call where you can ask any questions you may have. If it's a perfect fit, you'll receive a project proposal and contract to move forward. If you've been considering collaborating with us, we encourage you to at your earliest convenience to secure your spot!

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Take the leap and entrust your brand to the experts. Kickstart the process today and unlock your website's full potential.