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Launching your website can be a very thrilling experience, since you’re finally bringing your content to the world. However, a website launch does come with its fair share of challenges. In many ways, we can easily compare a website launch with a physical property renovation. It will take lots of planning and adequate communication to ensure everything works the way you want. However, the potential for that to happen is there, and with the right planning you can fulfill this process adequately. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Take your time

The last thing you want is to rush your website launch process. Ideally, you want to take a few months to ensure your website is built properly. So if you want to launch your site sometime at the beginning of the year, start working on it in October, maybe even earlier. 

Additionally, you also want to work on your branding even earlier than that. You already want to have all branding elements like your logo, brand message and others before the website is ready. It’s a good rule of thumb to talk with the designer and see how much it will take between the website design and everything being ready to go. Also, you need to complete some tasks on your own, like offering content, images and other stuff like that.

Identify the right goals for your website launch

Let’s face it, just having a website that looks great isn’t enough these days. If your goal is to generate leads and clients, then you must adjust your website to do that. You want to create plans that help boost engagement, bring in more traffic and so on. Making sure that people come back after visiting your website for repeat orders is incredibly important. You also want to create forms that will help grab email addresses for your email list. So there’s definitely a lot of stuff to work on, all you need is to find the right stuff to focus on and you will be fine.

Work on a great Call to Action

If you want to transform your leads into clients, then you do want to have a powerful call to action. That means you need to let them know what action they should take. For example, if your goal is to generate leads, then bring those leads towards your lead catcher or contact form. The idea is to make things clear for your website visitors. Avoid asking your customers to do more than one thing in your CTA, as it might confuse them. Ask for just one thing, and make sure it’s all clear. It shouldn’t be a complex task either.

Set up your website analytics tools

The website analytics tools are important because you get to track who visits your website, where they come from, what pages they like, etc. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are the right tools for this, and they will offer quite a lot of information. Setting these things up before launching a website saves time and removes quite a lot of hassle. You will also find it easier to see if there are indexing issues before your website launch. These website analytics tools will also tell you where visitors come from, which can be very helpful if you want to personalize their experience.

Create a giveaway or launch promotion

You always want your website launch to matter and to be as big as possible. Launch promotions or giveaways are a great method you can use to generate more attention and buzz towards your brand. It’s also a great solution for lead capturing. Gleam is a great giveaway tool, so you can try that if you want.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to focus on when you’re launching your website. There are many resources invested in your website launch, so you want to do it right and avoid any rush. It will take some trial and error to achieve that goal, but the benefits can be amazing in the long run!

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Things to know before launching a website


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