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A few years ago, a memory came flooding back to me as I made breakfast. It was the first time I met a client for my business. As an introvert, the idea of meeting someone new made me nervous. However, the meeting changed my life forever.

I was recommended to this person to help her with her website and she wanted to meet me in person. I arrived early to prepare and asked questions to understand her problems. After a few minutes, I shared my thoughts on how to improve her website. By the end of the meeting, she hired me.

Although she was not my dream client, I went above and beyond with my service. She was so impressed with my system and automations that she even asked me to implement them for her business. We built a great friendship that still lasts to this day.

Working with her made me realize that investing in my knowledge and process would help me serve my clients better. I saved money and invested in a business coach. This was a scary decision, but it was one of the best I made for my business.

I am grateful to that first client for putting their trust in me. They were the reason for my success today. I will always be thankful to her for giving me the opportunity to prove myself and for being a friend throughout the years.

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My First Client Changed My Life


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